Pars Translator
       English to Persian Text Translation Software 

This software is a very useful English text translator to Persian sentences.


Text can be typed or imported from OCR's, Web pages or from any Windows applications.


Translated text with option to Persian editing before final printing.

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- New words insertion & create private dictionary by user
- English/Persian text editor with print option
- In addition, you can use ParsWebDic; a professional dictionary
with conversion power to recognize over one million words, by pressing
JUST ONE KEY, fast and simultaneous viewing of a word meaning
in Persian, inside any Windows applications or Web pages.

We provide you text samples translated by Pars Translator: Click here to see 

  Pars Translator packages offered in 4 classes;

Local Delivery

BASE Common English only
S_... Common English & 1 field of science +ParsWebDic
GP_... Common English & 3_7 fields of science +ParsWebDic

International Delivery

FULL 21 Common English & 21 fields of science +ParsWebDic

The 33 fields of sciences include:

- Electronics&Electricity Eng
- Mechanics Eng
- Metallurgical Eng
- Civil Eng
- Mining Eng
- Textile Eng
- Industrial Eng
- Water Eng

- General Medicine
- Biology
- Psychology
- Food Industries
- Agriculture
- Geology
- Scientology&Education
- Physical Education
- Religion History

- Computer
- Oil&Gas
- Gems&Gemology
- Sociology
- Politics
- Philosophy
- Military Sciences

- Management&Planning
- Economics&Management
- Foreign Trade
- International Law
- Accounting
- Banking Sciences
- Journalism
- Commercial Airline

Minimum System Requirements :
IBM PC 586 with CD and FDD 3.5"-1.44MB drives and Hard Disk free space

WINDOWS 95 & 98 & 2000 & NT  COMPATIBLE

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