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Management Consultants & Software Developers

Mabna company founded by :
    - Computer Software Advisers
    - System Integrators
    - Persian Language Linguistic Experts in Machine Translation
    - Independent Auditors
    - Certified Accountants

with many years practical experience in the selection and implementation of
Integrated Business Solutions  across a broad range of market sectors in the
Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Company is listed as an authorized software developer under

the Iran's High Council of  Informatics.


Our objective at all times is to encourage you to tackle the
subject of computerization in a systematic manner and
make you aware of the Open Systems concepts, the need
to adhere to industry standards, and the benefits of modern,
less labour intensive development methods.

Services provided range from computer operations audit and
definition of strategy; through evaluation of systems,
negotiation on your behalf; to implementation project.

Our statistical expertise and knowledge of computer based
management information systems  enable  us to produce and
contour Management Information to specific client requirements.

Mabnasoft  is also a leading provider of machine translator software for English to Persian . Our  translator software packages have arrived into the market since 1996.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a service proposal or
a free advice  on your case.

Sincerely yours,

Managing Director
Abbas Hosseini Farzin
- Member of Iran Management Association (IMA)
- Member of Iranian Institute of Certified Accountants (IICA)

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Last Updated: September 25, 2001