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Mabnasoft Corp. , claims as its exclusive commercial and intellectual property a number of trademarks and copyrights (all rights reserved) for text, interface design, and graphics used for both our printed and electronic publishing.

In addition, the proprietary software programming and applications created by Mabnasoft for use by its licensed customers are protected by copyright and other international laws.
Permitted Use of Mabnasoft Service Marks and Trademarks.

Mabnasoft service marks and trademarks (collectively, "Marks") identify the products and services of Mabnasoft Corp., and let the public know the source and ownership of those products and services. Providing that you employ standard Marks usage and include proper attribution, you may use our Marks (without modification) in only the following without our written permission: their appearance in advertising and promotional materials with respect to those services provided by Mabnasoft; or when editorial reference is made to our products and services (for example, in a magazine article); or when creating or publicizing an Internet link to our web sites.

You may not use Mabnasoft Marks, whether design or word marks, in any of the following ways:

  • In a product name or publication title unrelated to Mabnasoft;
  • As (or within) your own trademarks;
  • To identify products or services that do not originate from Mabnasoft;
  • In a manner likely to cause public confusion;
  • In a manner that implies inaccurately that we sponsor, endorse, or are connected with your own products and services;
  • In a manner that disparages Mabnasoft.
  • If you want to use the Mabnasoft Marks in a way not mentioned or described here, you must get written permission from Mabnasoft.

    Proper Attribution of the Mabnasoft Service Mark

    When you use the Mabnasoft Marks, you must include one of the following brief statements reflecting Mabnasoft 's ownership of the Marks:

    " Mabnasoft is a service mark of Mabnasoft Corp."


    "The Mabnasoft name and logo are service marks of Mabnasoft Corp., in the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries." [if applicable, also list other Mabnasoft product names used in your document: "_____ are also trademarks or service marks of Mabnasoft, which may be registered in other countries."]

    Mabnasoft Service Marks and Trademarks

    Following are Mabnasoft 's primary service marks, some of which may have registration (®) pending in the Iran and elsewhere. This list is not exhaustive. Mabnasoft may own other trademarks that are not included here:

  • Mabna rayane Pezhvac
  • Mabnasoft Trade Names

    The following list of Mabnasoft 's primary trade names is not exhaustive. Mabnasoft may own other trade names that are not included here:

  • Mabnasoft
  • Mabnasoft Corp.
  • Mabnasoft Ltd.
  • Mabnasoft.com
  • Mabnasoft.ir
  • Mabnasoft.org
  • Dilmaj.com
  • ParsDictionary.com
  • ParsTranslator.com
  • ParsTranslator.net
  • ParsTranslator.ir
  • ParsTranslator.org

    Copyrighted Materials—PERSONAL USE

    Mabnasoft authorizes you to view, download, copy, and print for PERSONAL USE our documents and graphics published on this Web site subject to the following conditions:

    •  Our documents and graphics must not be modified and must be used by you solely for personal (noncommercial) purposes of education and information. The documents and graphics may not be re-published or distributed in print or via electronic transmission.

    •  The following copyright notice must continue to appear in each document: "Copyright © 1999-Now by Mabnasoft Corp. All rights reserved."

    •  This authorization does not include materials owned by other companies or individuals whose documents and graphics appear on the Mabnasoft Web site, or on Web sites which we host as a service to our customers.

    You may not duplicate, reproduce, make derivative works of or distribute the design or layout components of the Mabnasoft Web site in your printed publications, Web site, or electronic media without the express written permission of Mabnasoft Corp.

    Copyrighted Materials—COMMERCIAL USE

    At all times, you may not duplicate, reproduce, make derivative works of, or distribute our materials (including all documents, graphics, design elements, trademarks, and logos) from the Mabnasoft Web site or printed matter for any commercial purpose without the express written permission of Mabnasoft Corp. Permission may be granted only when certain limited criteria are met. Mabnasoft reserves the right to refuse permission to duplicate, reproduce, distribute, make derivative works of, or publish any of its copyrighted material. To request such permission, please send a letter by postal mail or express delivery to our corporate-headquarters office; mark the letter "PERMISSION REQUEST—Copyrighted Materials" and provide the following details:

    •  Provide your full name, title, company name, complete business address, email address, and telephone number.

    •  Describe the Mabnasoft materials you wish to redistribute; if possible, include printed pages with the desired materials circled.

    •  Tell us exactly how the Mabnasoft materials will be used (within your Web site? within emails to customers?), and to what audience you are sending our materials. If available, you must provide a complete previous issue of the publication (such as a printed, Internet pages, or any other forms) in which Mabnasoft materials would later be included.

    •  Describe fully the intended reasons for your redistribution of Mabnasoft materials. Describe all fees or other compensation, which the recipients of your publication with our materials must pay for the publication.

    •  Provide an overview of: how many printed copies of your publication will include our materials, and how they will be distributed; and/or how many viewers will see our materials in electronic form (Internet, television, CD, and so on).

    •  Provide your scheduled dates for first and last publication of our materials, after which our permission will no longer be in effect.

    •  Describe all other content (text, photos, illustrations, Internet links, and so on) that will be associated or distributed with the Mabnasoft materials.

    •  Mabnasoft will work promptly to provide you with written permission or a written statement explaining why the permission cannot be granted.

    Copyrighted Software

    All software applications, programming code, and related documentation made available for download or access from Mabnasoft 's Web site are the copyrighted work of Mabnasoft Corp., which retains ownership of software, underlying code, and documentation. Ownership is not transferred to the user; instead, we license the use of our proprietary software, code, and its documentation to our customers, and continued use of software, code, and documentation remains subject to the terms of our license agreement.

    Copyright Infringement

    Mabnasoft respects the intellectual property of other companies and individuals, and we expect our business partners to do the same. If you believe that your copyrighted material has been reproduced and is accessible anywhere in our Web site (or Web sites we host for our customers) in a manner which constitutes copyright infringement, please send a letter to our headquarter officers immediately by email or postal mail and provide the following information:

    •  Your full name, title, company name, complete business address, email address, and telephone number.

    •  A description of the copyrighted work which you claim has been infringed, with the full name and legal signature of the copyright owner or their authorized agent.

    •  A description of the infringing activity, including: the location of the original or an authorized duplicate of the copyrighted work (for example the Internet-page address where the work is available, or the printed document in which it was published); also the complete Internet-page address in our Web site(s) where the material that you claim is infringing is located.

    •  A statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the information you provide to support your claim of copyright infringement is accurate, that you are furthermore the copyright owner or their authorized agent, and that you believe in good faith that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, their agent, or applicable law.

    Questions regarding Mabnasoft trademarks and copyrighted materials should be directed to:

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